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Corporal Punishment
Power Exchange
Forced Feminization
Foot Fetish
Sissy Maid Training
Goddess Worship
Pony Play
OTK (over the knee)
Water Sports
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Check ANY & ALL medical conditions that you have below.  If there is something concerning you that isn't an option below please infrom me of it when we have our phone conversation.  Having certain medical conditions will not prevent you from having a "Live Session" with me. I need to be informed about them for your saftey:
I'm in a wheel chair
I have a heart condition
I have a Mental condition (medicated or not)
I am an amputee ( Leg or Arm)
I have blood pressure issues (medicated or not)
I have had surgery in the past 24 months
I have tested positive for HIV
I'm taking permenant perscription medication (any)
I have a condition that limits my mobility or range of motion in any of my extremities
I have a disease or condition that limits my ability to participate is some BDSM activities
I have read Mistress Kylies "Live Session" disclaimer and agree to all terms!